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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Ash Is Not The Most Beautiful Woman" Hugh

Ash was stunned with Hugh Jackman's statement that he doesn't find the beauty the most beautiful woman on earth! He shared the dias with ex-Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in FICCI Frames 2011.

All Ash fans , please don't get hurt or angry with his comments. Dear Hugh only meant to say that he considers his wife , Deborra-Lee Furness , the most beautiful woman on earth!

Isn't it very very sweet of him! All wives would love this statement from their husband too!

Jackman soon clarified his statement. This is what he said "When someone told me that world's most beautiful lady will welcome me, I was too excited. I thought it will be my wife Deborra. But later I came to know that it was Aishwarya".

He further said that he considers Ash as a very beautiful lady, but not the most beautiful on the planet. Ash caught the superstar's humour and then flowed along. She gifted him with an idol of Lord Ganesha and welcomed him to India on behalf of all Indians.

At times my friends, even the most beautiful person can get an unexpected statement on beauty! It is best to flow with humour than to comment back :) That was Ash gossip for u all! Hope to get some better gossip tomorrow!!

Till then have a good day! ciao!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ex's Are The Best

History has proved that ex -partners are the best ! Timely support has been given by the ex  than the current. Let us take some examples from our very own film industry itself.

As we all gossipers know that Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes have split. Later on , Kate told a daily, that it was her ex lover and good friend Leonardo DiCaprio who proved to be "a rock" during such a situation! Wow!

Ex lovers / partners are really rock solid ! :)

Not far away ,we have the another example of boxer Joe Di Maggio and the screen legend Marilyn Monroe. Joe Di was the second husband of the world's greatest sex symbol of all times. He proved to be a friend-in-need when Marilyn was sent to Payne Whitney Psychiatric division in 1961, as per her psychiatrist’s advice. 

Monroe was unaware of the fact that she would be put into a looney bin! After some days she was permitted to make a call , and it went directly to her ex-husband Joe Di. Monroe mentioned it in her biography that Joe Di was there right the next day. "I want my wife" DiMaggio said, his large hands gripped the reception desk. " And if you do not release her to me, I will take this place apart, piece of wood by piece of wood." 

Rock Solid huh ? Monroe was released within hours. Who would believe that this was the same man who had beaten the star so badly during their marriage that she needed medical help on occasions?

Coming to Bollywood we have well known director Mahesh Bhatt and the sizzling and gorgeous beauty Parveen Babi.When Parveen Babi's life fell apart because of a broken love affair which even made her lose her mental balance, it was ex-lover Mahesh Bhatt who came to her rescue. 

It was Bhatt who took care of her till the very end , when her body was discovered in her south Mumbai apartment.
Next on our list we have Salman Khan and Sangeeta Bijlani. As we all know that her marriage with Indian cricket captain Azharuddin in almost over. After her marriage has hit rocks , she was spotted more often with Salman Khan and family.

Both have shared a volatile relationship in the 1990s.

So whats it that make people run to their ex for support? Some may say its the comfort level , while others may claim it to be feelings for the cut-off relationship!

Whatever it may be ............the bottom-line is that..............

Relationships may be broken , but feelings settle deep down in some corner of our heart!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Canadian singer Bryan Adams announced to his fans that he is expecting a baby from his girlfriend / PA Alicia Grimaldi. This indeed in a good news for everyone. But the rumour that he has been dating another woman , named Antonia Harrison  , has spiced up the "PAPA" news to some extent!

What's up singer ??

Antonia Harrison , an advertising executive is said to have been having a long-term relationship with the singer. Both have been spotted enjoying weekends together at the singer's 2.4 million pounds home in Chelsea, South-West of  London. Not only this , they were also caught on cam at the Painted Heron, a smart Indian restaurant on Cheyne Walk.

Adams  is said to be quite excited about the baby and has confirmed his relationship with Alicia , who he said will be running his family from now on .

On the other hand Antonia denied to comment on her relationship with Adams!

Filmdom is full of gossips n rumours my friends!

Monday, March 21, 2011


BORN IN : Chennai, TamilNadu
Ex-Husband : Novelist Salman Rushdie
Co-founder   : The Endometriosis Foundation of America.

Padma Laxmi , a TV Host and model was spotted in a Sabyasachi Mukherjee sari at the Endometriosis Foundation of America's Blossom Ball , at the New York Public Library on Friday.

Giving the usual red carpet gowns a skip , she made a glamorous appearence in a green and blue netted sari. The sari was paired with a contrasting sleeveless red blouse , thus modernizing the traditional look. The diva flaunted her bikini curves in  the Sabya creation instead.
Padma At Imran's Reception

It was gossiped that Padma's look was similar to that of Rani Mukherjee at actor Imran Khan's wedding reception with Avantika. 
Padma is currently heard to be in a relationship with 70 year old IMG boss Ted Forstmann.